Greetings from CEO Hiroshi Ito

I am Ito Hiroshi, who has been appointed as a representative director and President of ITO Corporation as of October 1, 2019.

Our company, founded in October 1953, celebrates its 67th year. Without the business foundation that has been nurtured for a long time by customers, supply partners, and our previous seniors, including former president Arai, it would not be possible to come this far. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed so much.

I believe that the best way

to utilize the assets inherited by everyone's support so far is not just to continue the traditional way, but to continue to evolve based on those assets.

In the manufacturing industry to which many of our customers belong, the business structure itself is changing at an unprecedented rate. The challenges our customers face are becoming more sophisticated, and the need to respond with a sense of speed is increasing.

In response to such changes in customers, we have provided industrial equipment such as motors and reduction gears since our foundation. In recent years, we have been working on automation systems, including robots, and international procurement, but now we are expanding our business reach to all the hardware, software, and services that support the industrial transformation called Industry 4.0.

Executive Vice President Hiroshi Ito

I feel that our stance is also essential in providing solutions to such a changing world.

The word "innovation" can be translated into "new combination" in Japanese, so we aim to create value for our customers with new combinations. We believe that the recipes for creating new values are "diversity of human resources," "open mind," "curiosity and challenge," and "harmonious support for challenges."

We have coined the term "PASITIVE" to describe these goals in one word.

Executive Vice President Hiroshi Ito

Under the slogan, "Let's go PASITIVE!"

we believe that everyone involved in our organization, including customers, business partners, employees, and their families, will be able to contribute to society by engaging in exciting activities.

Each member of the ITO Group will make the most of its potential and contribute to the evolution of the world. We look forward to your guidance and encouragement.

Greetings from Outside Director Ayumi Furui

Transition from Systems Engineering to Operations Management

I currently work for Google as a partner manager, and I take care of operations strategy formulations for the company. Since I started my career, I have always been interested in working for a small-sized companies where I could take on a bigger role. After working as a systems engineer for a financial company, I transitioned to the technology industry. And when I joined Google, it was still a small-sized company, and many of us played multiple roles to support rapidly growing business.

I got to know about Ito Corporation when I was a student at Columbia Business School in New York. There were only two Japanese students in our class; the other Japanese classmate was Mr. Ito, who is now the CEO of Ito Corporation. He told me of his passion to lead business transformation for the company with 60+ years of history, and I found his vision fascinating. Later, the company reached out to me with an offer to be a part of the Ito team, and I happily accepted. That is how I became an outside director for the company back in 2013.

Investment in Human Resources

My role as an outside director is to provide unbiased options to the Ito Corporation's management team so I can make sure that the company's management team is doing what is good for the company, its employees, and customers. I also ensure effective corporate governance at Ito Corporation, so the company can control risks, assure business compliance and achieve its long-term goals. In many companies, the most important resource is its employees. This is especially true for a trading company where the staff's services create value for the customers. I think it is important for Ito Corporation to continue its investment in human resources.

Each employee's growth will drive Ito Corporation's evolution

To continue to grow its business, Ito Corporation needs to evolve in the ever-changing business environment. The company's management team believes that providing an environment for employees to continue to grow and perform their best is the key driver for such evolution. For this reason, on top of investing in it's human resources development, Ito Corporation also fosters a company culture that empowers employees to perform their best regardless of gender, age, tenure, or nationality.

ITO Director Ayumi Furui

Togo Hirano,
Managing Director, ITO Thailand

The Board of Directors responded to global challenges. They have expanded beyond Japan into mainland China and Thailand.

The key to success in a global market is expansion,Mr. Togo Hirano was appointed to be Managing Director of ITO (Thailand) Ltd. in March 2019

Greetings from Director Yoshiaki Iwaki

Follow the Business Transformation and Evolution of Customers

Business transformation through digitalization is accelerating. With IoT, AI, Blockchain, and other technologies, the manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant wave of revolution called Industry4.0, and manufacturing sites are about to evolve significantly by promoting digitalization, such as improving productivity, reducing costs, and visualizing management. It is our mission to create values for customers by proposing innovative combinations of solutions, but we now offer a new menu called Digital Solutions. In addition to solving the problems at the production sites, ITO Corporation will help you with any issues in the fields of development, production technology, and production management.

Establishment of Borderless Business Model

ITO Corporation has two business sites in China, ITO(Shanghai)Co., Ltd. and its Shenzhen Branch, and one in Thailand, ITO(THAILAND)LTD. Utilizing our global network in Japan and Asia, we help customers solve issues from a global perspective by proposing products that meet the quality requirement at optimal cost and solutions to problems and also establish overseas business transactions and sales channels on behalf of customers who do not have foreign bases. Leveraging the strengths of ITO's multinational human resources, we have expanded our network of business partners to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia to connect them with customers in Japan and other countries. By establishing a border-less business with a global perspective and with a sense of speed to better serve our customers, we continue to provide excellent CX (customer experience).

ITO will continue to change

I am in charge of the Planning and Marketing Division. This division consists of the Solution Promotion Office and the Business Development Office, which take on new initiatives, and the Corporate Department and the Human Resources/Organization Development Office, which firmly support the company's foundation and evolution. The Business Development Office and the Solution Promotion Office discover new customers and new business models, based on creating added values by combining moving elements. Utilizing the network and know-how cultivated in the history of ITO for nearly 70 years, we will grow as a company by steadily reaching out to customers through collaboration with new partners and digital marketing. The Corporate Department and the Human Resources/Organization Development Office will firmly arrange the structure of the organization so that employees will appreciate diversity among themselves, hold the Growth Mind-Set, and fully demonstrate their capabilities. And we aim to be an honest and fair company with a high awareness of compliance so that our employees and business partners, who are precious resources of the company, work for ITO Corporation with trust and peace of mind.

Thailand Managing Director Yoshiaki Iwaki