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Noboru Ito

ITO Corporate History
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ITO Corporation's founder, Noboru Ito, established "Ito Noboru" as a sole proprietorship in 1946. The ITO corporate history starts in the run-down and war-damaged Tokyo, Noboru Ito began with the handling of motors, switches, and clutches. There were few operating facories at the time and work was a series of uphill struggles.

Noboru Ito

The ITO corporate history continues with Shintaro Sato of Shikoku Kikai Kougyou, (Now Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.), recommended to Noboru Ito that he begin handling cyclodial speed reducers. Mr. Noboru, believing in the potential of the cyclo-dial drive, put all of his efforts behind its sales. Initial demand was low, resulting from the state of the Japanese economy and the reconstruction efforts not reaching their potential. Thus sales did not meet his expectations. But, by not giving up, Noboru Ito finally saw sales get on track, as a result of improvements in the quality of the cyclodial speed reducers, overlapping with the revival of the Japanese economy.

ITO Corporation

Using this opportunity, Ito founded the current ITO Corporation in 1953. His continued faith in his people and products helped lead to the growth of ITO Corporation. With this in mind, the founder proclaimed the spirit of the company to be the Japanese philosophy of "Wa" (harmony). To this day we have upheld the belief that a company must put its customers, suppliers, and employess above all else. Thanks to the continued support of all of these people, ITO Corporation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013.

In the Japanese traditional philosophy of rebirth at the age of 60, we have taken this milestone to be the "second launch" of ITO Corporation by continuing to innovate and create new opportunities, for our clients.