ITO Corporate Philosophy

ITO Corporate PhilosophyITO Corporation plus image

ITO Corporation has adopted a corporate philosophy which is deeply rooted in it's mission, value and vision statements.

Mission Statement

Create New Opportunities for Our Customers

ITO Corporation’s mission statement is to contribute to our customers and to society via the values born from new pairings and findings. We create opportunities that previously did not exist by connecting together objects, people, companies, and ideas. We strive for a virtuous cycle where we provide new opportunities and value to our customers, which in turn contributes to the products and services born into the world.

Value Statement

An Organization Which Excites All

ITO Corporation’s value statement is to provide customers and society with new opportunities, we ourselves must be an innovative organization. Additionally, for us to increase our customer’s level of satisfaction and to take actions to contribute to the world, it is important that we spend our time in a valuable way. To achieve the above, we value the following as an organization:

  • Respect each other and understand the value that diversity brings No discrimination based on gender, nationality, age, experience, etc.
  • Cultivate a harmonious and encouraging culture, and support the attempts of others
  • Strive for a fulfilling life together, not only with work but also by valuing family and society
  • Provide employment, skill development, and opportunities for advancement to those with motivation
  • Ensure that our actions are always fair and moral

Vision Statement

Improve the World via Moving Equipment

"Moving components" is the business realm in which we create value. Looking back in history, moving components and equipment have freed people from heavy labor, enabled transportation to remote locations, and enriched the lives of people everywhere. Since the foundation of our company, we have played a part in enriching people's lives by providing electrical machinery and other "moving equipment". Therefore our vision statement is that we will continue to use "moving equipment" as a vehicle to help people create, and by evolving the machines of this world we will assist in making life safer and more secure for everyone.