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Energy Saving Mist System

ITO Thailand offers this Energy Saving Mist System which is designed to reduce air conditioning electricity costs from 10-20%. It has a sleek design, is easy to install and operate plus it is environmentally friendly.

What Is It Used For

The Energy Saving Mist System is an awesome energy-saving solution for air conditioner electricity consumption rates.

For a tropical country like Thailand, the use of air conditioning consumes a large amount of power. In other words, the cost-effectiveness of energy saving is particularly pronounced. 

ITO Thailand designed this solution which lowers the temperature of the outside air taken into the air conditioner's outdoor unit thanks to the installation of a dedicated pump unit that sprays mist and is attached to the outside of the outdoor unit.

Misc Info

     •  The energy saving mist system reduces the ambient temperature of the air to aid the compressor thus lowering the load while exchanging heat

     •  A high pressure mist → Achieves a high effect while using a small amount of water

     •  A very sleek design by ITO Thailand → Thus very environmentally friendly