Factory Automation and Robotic Automation
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ITO Thailand supplies its clients with a variety of industrial solutions and robotic automation to aid them with their factory automation projects to reduce problem causing by labor and save cost.

Torch Cleaning Robot

Torch Cleaning Robot

The torch cleaning robot can save time and money for clients that use welding robots that give off heavy spatter and need frequent cleaning
Yaskawa Motoman - Palletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

The use of Palletizing Robots in distribution or warehouse locations continues to grow and ITO Thailand can supply your business with the right model for your factory automation project.
Yaskawa Motoman - Welding Robot

Welding Robot

Yaskawa Motoman is the world leader in welding robots, with automated welding industry first,s such as patented multiple robot control and MA-series robots.
Conveyor Robot supplied by ITO Thailand

Conveyor Robot

A conveyor robot is a mechanical piece of equipment that transports materials from one place to another.
Yaskawa Motoman - Picking Robot

Picking Robot

The Motoman MPP 4-axis high-speed picking robot was developed for order picking, high-speed picking and other handling applications.This model features a maximum payload of 3 kg.
Yaskawa Motoman - Handling Robot

Handling Robot

The Yaskawa Motoman handling robots feature industrial robotic arm models suited for either high-speed precision assembly or small part handling.
Weight Checker Image Product 1

Automatic Weight Checker

Adjustable and customizable to customer's need Japanese standard with famous company reference Prevent NG product by over or under weighing
Vision Inspection System Image Product 1

Vision Inspection System

ITO OCR Inspection System and Barcode Reader is quality inspection system to inspect character printing and Barcode, including reject system from automatic conveyor system