Factory Equipment Supplied by ITO Thailand ITO Corporation plus image

ITO Thailand provides its clients with a good selection of premium factory equipment giving factories efficient and economical solutions for a variety of industrial problems both in and out of the factory.

Energy Saving Mist System

Energy Saving Mist System

A High Powered Misting System that will significantly reduce electricity costs by 10-20%
Vacum Cleaner (Torming)

Torming Vacuum Cleaner

The Torming Vacuum Cleaner is guaranteed to reduce contamination from hair and dust plus it will also reduce your electrical consumption.
Welding Booth

Welding Booth

The robot Welding Booth is cutom designed for clients to separate humans from the welding area and in doing so reduces employees' health risk.
Mobile Rack supplied by ITO Thailand

Mobile Racks

ITO Thailand supplies mobile racks that are designed for high-density space conservation. Conventional racking requires permanent aisles between racks and this leads to insufficient storage capacity.