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The engineering solutions department of ITO Thailand develops an industrial high speed shutter door as a solution to protect the working environment of a factory for one of their clients.

Client’s Needs

  • Finished goods were contaminated with dust
  • There was also contamination of the production line by insects and rodents
  • High air conditioning costs

ITO's Proposal - High Speed Shutter Door

ITO Thailand recommended to install High Speed Shutter Door

  • The high speed shutter door has a maximum rising speed of 3.0m/sec, which can reduce dust, insects and rodent contamination from the production line.
  • There are a variety of high speed shutter doors available to suit different requirements.

Client's Voice

  • ITO Thailand provided us with the perfect solution
  • As long as there is an outlet, all we had to do is plug it in
  • It is so convenient and easy to move around when we change our factory layout.
  • The settings are not complicated
  • There are no more insects or dust getting into our production line, after installing the high speed shutter door
  • We also saw a significant savings in our air conditioning expense

Brief Outline Of The Product

  • Extra High speed operation
  • Dust proof and insect proof
  • Independent structure and compact design
  • Silent
  • Energy saving
  • Wind resistant
  • Pressure resistant
  • Suitable for various kinds of places

For more information, please click the link below to show you how the high speed shutter door works


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