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Kobayashi area - 60 years experience serving industrial clients

ITO Corporation - More than 60 years experience serving industrial clients

Globalization in Asia - Bangkok

Globalization in Asia - Bangkok represents an important hub in the ASEAN region for ITO Corporation

Diverse workforce - supportive corporate environment

Diverse Workforce - With a supportive corporate environment without regard to gender

ITO Corporation offer automated systems

System Integrators - We offer comprehensive service and support

Over 60 Years of History

ITO Corporation was founded in the war-burnt fields of Tokyo with a mission of aiding in the restoration efforts. We have continued to provide industrial solutions for customers and connect manufacturers and customers with products and information. Using this history as a base, we have cultivated a relationship of mutual trust between the two. Our history and these relationships are our pride and one of our strengths.

Globalization in Asia

Aside from our 7 locations in Japan, we have footholds and local corporations in both Shanghai (China) and Bangkok (Thailand). Our globalization in Asia enables us access to low-cost suppliers, and we also provide support to customers expanding business into Asian markets. We are able to provide our customers with optimal solutions by sharing information between each of our offices. Additionally, in order to deepen understanding of Japanese companies within the international community, we also contribute to Columbia Business School’s "Center on Japanese Economy and Business" as a corporate sponsor.

Diverse Workforce and Capabilities

We work hard to cultivate and promote our diverse workforce without regard to gender, age, or nationality. By creating a work environment that can turn the unique ideas of a diverse workforce into reality, we strive to cultivate both a creative workforce and produce flexible solutions to the issues our customers face. We are also a member company of the NPO J-Win (Japan Women’s Innovative Network). We aim for the advancement and stability of diversity management by actively promoting female employees.

Support via System Integration

In order to go beyond the framework of simply selling “moving components” and to offer solutions that provide additional value to customers, we have honed our abilities as a Systems Integrator. We offer comprehensive support from the design, planning, and hardware/software development of robot and systems to their maintenance and repair.