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Mobile Racks

The mobile rack system, supplied by ITO Thailand is designed for high-density space conservation, ideal for factories that are limited in size and require more storage space

What Is It Used For

The Mobile racks that are supplied by ITO Thailand are mounted on electrically driven bases, also referred to as carriages. This system reduces the number of racking aisles you will require. 

Rack blocks with only one racking aisle are possible. Then, if necessary, an aisle can be opened for access between two movable carriages, between a carriage and a wall or between stationary racking and a wall.

Mobile racking is particularly suitable for medium quantities of goods and a medium number of different items with a low access requirement. Movable racking saves aisles, thereby creating additional storage space with the same floor area (up to 90 per cent compared to conventional racking for pallet goods). Despite this, every load unit is directly accessible at any time.

Misc Info

     -  First-in-first-out possible
     -  Shorter travel distances
     -  Better utilisation of space
     -  Access to single location

Ideally suited for pallet, modular and cantilever racking systems. Mobile racks supplied by ITO Thailand