Precision Manufacturing  On The Production Line

Precision Manufacturing On The Production LinePlus Logo - ITO Corporation

Precision manufacturer was exploring ways to improve their manufacturing and assembly process. ITO Thailand engineered a system for precision manufacturing on the client's production line

Client's Need's

  1. Wants to effectively utilize the factory space by combining each process on the production line
  2. Looking to reduce production time
  3. The many sensors and stoppers in the current design make maintainability difficult

ITO's Proposal - Precision Manufacturing On The Production Line

High speed, high precision manufacturing on the line

  • Precision manufacturing on the transport line
  • Improved positioning accuracy enabled stable manufacturing (±0.02mm)
  • High-speed linear horizontal transportation line
  • Significant reduction in transport time. Smooth acceleration & deceleration. Stops with drives using servo control
  • Improved maintainability
A clean line that doesn't need stoppers or sensors Nittoku Engineering LITs

Client's Voice

  • ITO Thailand increased production and space efficiency by combining a series of transport lines together

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