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Role Of A Trading Company

ITO Corporation is a specialist industrial machinery trading company that furthers the evolution of moving things. While providing industrial machinery is a given, ITO also provides its customers with industrial solutions like robots and complex multi-product systems to fit their needs.

ITO Corporation performs three main functions;
The first is selecting the right machinery to solve our customers' problems, and providing support with procurement and delivery.

Next, in order to provide our customers with suitable industrial solutions and products, we also must also supply them, on a consistent basis, with the information they need to tackle their challenges.

Lastly, to ensure that everything goes according to plan at each stage, from system design to post-installation, we provide customers with comprehensive technical support.

By performing these three functions, we provide solutions borne from moving things.

Proposals that can only be made by a trading company specializing in industrial solutions

Our customers face various problems on-site, whether related to system operation or employee work environment; perhaps they are trying to cut costs, or would like or automate labor-intensive work. In order to solve these problems, we must make use of our extensive product knowledge and conduct a detailed analyses then provide customers with solutions that are right for them.

ITO Corporation searches out the right products from our global network of providers. This, combined with our own huge selection of machinery and parts, is precisely what gives us the expertise required to provide the ideal industrial solutions for a wide variety of problems and to tailor solutions for the customer's intended goals.

ITO Corporation

As a trading company, we make use of our extensive global product and information networks providing solutions perfectly suited to our customers, along with excellent technical support. We specialize in combining not just things, but also people, businesses, and ideas, creating an entirely new kind of value. This is something that only ITO Corporation can do, and we consider it our duty to our customers.

ITO Corporation Role of a Trading Company Industrial Solutions