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Servo Motors Sigma 7

ITO Thailand now can provide customers with the Sigma 7 line of servo motors. This series offers solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy users in all kinds of scenarios in the life-cycle of systems.

What Is It Used For

Sigma 7 Servo Motors were created with the design concept of "seven ultimate e-motional solutions", the Σ-7 series delivers the world's highest performance while providing other features such as further improvements in safety and in environmentally friendly design to meet the changing needs of its users. 

Sigma 7 servo motors can operate in extreme conditions and this line is backward compatible with existing Sigma products. 

Sigma 7 products set a new industry standard in servo capability, with features that advance Yaskawa's 25-year reputation for redefining the possibilities in motion automation.

The Sigma 7 series is a complete family of servo motors with SERVOPACK amplifiers from 3w to 55kW, can easily be paired with a Yaskawa machine controller to create a motion automation systems with the industry's highest quality and reliability.

The Sigma 7 series is available from ITO Thailand.

Misc Info

 - Autotuning power beyond anything else on the market, with compensation for vibration, resonance, friction and rippling due to motor cogging

 - Smaller in size by up to 20%, to fit tomorrow's more compact machine designs

 - Improved Tuning-less Mode adjusts to changes in inertia of 30:1 to function more effectively in future high-throughput machines

 - Network options, including EtherCat, MECHATROLINK III and analog

 - Dual axis SERVOPACKS with regenerative power sharing for energy conservation and less heat

 - Built-in safety features with IEC 61508, SIL 3 Safe Torque Off

 - Service life monitoring offers continuous operating data for ongoing preventive maintenance