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ITO Thailand is very pleased to share the latest in digital innovation smart glasses a great solution that will help save companies operational costs and travel expenses.

Client’s Need’s

A machine maker encountered significant travelling costs associated with the dispatching of engineers to inspect customer’s machines at their factory sites. And in some cases the engineers did not have enough knowledge or experience to solve customer’s problem.

ITO’s Proposal - Smart Glasses The Latest Innovation

It’s not just glasses, it’s SMART GLASSES. The latest innovation that we proudly to present.  
Smart Glasses can be worn by an engineer who is visiting a factory and in real time get consultation from a supervisor who may be thousands of miles away. While wearing the smart glasses, engineers can also be instructed on how fix the machine. This awesome tool can save both time and money as the supervisor does not have to fly over to customer’s factory, instead he simply gives the appropriate instructions in real time to the engineers present.

Additional Benefits

Additional  benefits

■Check work status in real time.

■Precise instructions sent by e-text or image through the latest innovation.

■With handwriting function, convey intention at a glance.


Product Description

・There are several types of Smart Glasses available each according to your needs!

                       smart glasses, the latest innovation

Client’s Voice

These smart glasses are very useful. We can solve problems for our customers in real time and we can save money while doing so.

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