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Strapping Machine

ITO Thailand supplies this high performance, feature full strapping machine that is designed for production lines that need baling, bundling, carton closure and unitizing

What Is It Used For

ITO Thailand supplies its clients with this state of the art, feature full strapping machine which can be integrated into any new or existing production line.

It is available in semi and fully-automatic models. This strapping machine ensures uniform strap placement and can maximize productivity for a variety of applications, including baling, bundling, carton closure and unitizing.

The strapping machine also ensures load integrity for high production applications.

Misc Info


1) Power Supply 3P 380V 50Hz 2000W 5A 
2) Packing speed ≤15second/cycle 
3) Table height Depending on requirements 
4) Frame size (Customer designed) 
5) Hot-adhering position Side face 
6) Applicable straps Thickness(0.55~1.2)mm,width(12~15)mm

* ITO Thailand can set up this tool as per clients' requirements*