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Welding Booth

The Robotic Welding Booth with Fume Protection is made-to-order by ITO Thailand and can be customized per customer's requirements as part of a new or existing line.

What Is It Used For

The ITO Thailand welding booth is designed to rid the employees' work environment of toxic welding fumes.

It is also re-movable, thus when a customer would like to change their factory layout it can be moved with ease.
It can also be set up for manufacturing factories that already have automation systems installed.

Key Benefits of the Welding Booth:

   i) Automation of welding line.
   ii) Rids *Welding Fumes from the factory and improves the working environment
   iii) Custom built by ITO Thailand

*Special Note - Welding fumes can cause lung disease with an increased risk of asthma and cancer

Misc Info

Material: Made from grade SS400 steel, a very strong compound and of very good quality, ideal for the welding booth's structure.

Acrylic Panels and Curtains: Completely see-through yet, eyes are protected from welding light and spatter

Blower: to remove welding fumes. The system can also be connected to your factory's ventilation facility to take the fumes outside of the building.