Welding Robot System  With Positioner

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ITO's proposal to solve cycle time problem in welding line system by welding robot system with positioner.

Client's Need's

Continued frustration with the turntable / positioner, whose speed and accuracy can’t keep up with the welding robot.
The major problem is with cycle time of the welding system. Tired of having to change the  jig so many times

ITO's Proposal - Welding Robot System With Positioner

ITO introduced useful proposal to solve problem on the client’s welding line.

We suggested a Yaskawa Welding Robot and MOTOPOS (turntable/ positioner )  and calibrated it a constant speed, allowing the work piece and the torch to keep the best posture at all times. This greatly improved the welding quality and looked good on the welding line. No more lost time for jig changes to suit with welding robot. Welding can be done collaboratively at different angles.

Additionally, to protect your welders, ITO also has solution to prevent welding fumes and spatter. Please visit Welding booth proposal page for more information

Client's Voice

My productivity rate is increasing and our welders are happy with the solution.  This proposal expertly covered our needs.

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