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Wrapping Machine

ITO Thailand supplies this fully automatic wrapping machine to customers that need and efficient wrapping solution. It wraps and cuts film, plus it is full of advanced features and can use up to 67% less stretch wrap.

What Is It Used For

This fully automatic wrapping machine, wraps and cuts film. This stretch wrapping machine features a PLC and transducer control that can design the wrapping method and number of times it wraps. Its compact size ensures it fits into most factory layouts. This feature full wrapping machine can use up to 67% less stretch wrap.

ITO Thailand supplies this machine which can be used for various types of applications, such as stretch wrapping or pallet wrapping. It is ideally suited for lightweight products. Its convenient photo eye allows the operator to easily walk away and then it will restart when the operator returns.

Misc Info


1) Power Voltage 1P AC220/110V 50/60Hz 1.25KW 
2) Air pressure 4~5kg/cm2 
3) Rotation speed 0~6r/min, 0~9r/min, 0~12r/min 
4) Dia.of turntable 1500mm (optional 1650/2000 etc.) 
5) Mast height H2400mm(optional 2000/2700/2900/3000/3100) 
6) Film LLDPE film,width<=500mm,out diameter<=280mm 
7) Pallet size Capacity:2000kg;max height=mast height-400mm 
8) Package size 2650 x1650 x800mm 
9) G.W/N.W 800kg/750kg