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Very much like ITO Corporation, ITO Thailand has an ideal corporate culture that begins in the work place with flexible working hours, opportunities for international business trips, and many more incentives.

ITO Company Day - Annual Company wide meeting

1. Company Meetings: "ITO Day"

Employees from every location, domestic and overseas, gather for a company meeting once a year. Between the business conversations and announcing results of various initiatives, there are games to encourage interaction between employees who don't usually get to see each other, group work shops, quizzes and many other activities

Every year there is a full day smiles and reflection. ITO is currently undergoing a period of big change, so we believe that communication and understanding between employees is extremely important.

Opportunities for international business trips

2. International Business Trips

Employees have opportunities to attend supplier meetings and exhibitions at the main office in Japan, the Shanghai office, the Bangkok office and other international locations. With the ITO group aiming for further global expansion, these chances will likely become even more frequent in the future. Many opportunities await those who want them!

Flat and open communication

3. Flat and Open Communication

A culture that encourages free communication is necessary to create new things. Employees think freely, exchange ideas, and work to make them a reality. At ITO, everyone is encouraged to take the initiative to propose ideas, take action, and make things happen.

Flexible working hours so that everyone can excel

4. Flexible Working Hours

A flextime system is in place in the ITO workplace, with core hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For all other hours, employees have a flexible schedule. Time management is an important part of work, thus employees are encouraged to have variation in their day and focus on results.