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Reduction Gears - Cyclo

The Sumitomo Cyclo reduction gears, supplied by ITO Thailand, are one of the best available on the market today, better than speed reducers using common in-volute tooth gears.

What Is It Used For

Sumitomo Cyclo reduction gears have an unique epicyclical design. Cyclo components operate in compression, not in shear. Unlike gear teeth with limited contact points, Sumitomo Cyclo reduction gears have two-thirds of their reduction components in contact at all times. 

This design feature enables Cyclo speed reducers and gear motors to withstand shock loads exceeding 500% of their ratings, and provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in the most severe applications.

Misc Info

 - Premier in-line drives as both a reducer and gear motor
 - Quiet, efficient and reliable operation with high torque density and compact sizes
 - Interchangeable cast iron housings in foot, flanged or face mount configurations
 - Available free-shaft, quill hollow shaft, C-face adaptors, shovel base, and top-mount inputs
 - Minimal vibration, low noise, low backlash and extended operational life
 - The best product warranty with 24 months backs up the superb Cyclo product reputation
 - Now available from ITO Thailand