Drive Motion Controls and Parts Supplied by ITO Thailand ITO Corporation plus image

ITO Thailand provides its customers with a variety of state of the art drive motion controls and parts including reduction gears, level sensors and motors for various industrial or factory applications.

Reduction Gears by Hyponic

Reduction Gears - Hyponic

The Sumitomo Hyponic® reduction gears are state of the art and feature compact modular housing and patented Hyponic gear technology.
Cyclo Reduction Gears by Sumitomo

Reduction Gears - Cyclo

Cyclo reduction gears feature a unique design and superior performance over speed reducers that use common tooth gears. Cyclo components operate in compression, not in shear.
Sigma 7 Servo Motors

Servo Motors Sigma 7

The Sigma series 7 of servo motors are state of the art with both high resolution and precise performance plus they feature a wide range of products from 3w to 55kw and operate in extreme conditions.
Radar Level Sensor

Level Sensor

This radar level sensor is designed specifically for short to medium range measurement of liquids, sludge and slurry. A compact design, uses a higher frequency and can measure levels more accurately.
Uras Vibrating Motor

Uras Vibrating Motor

The ultimate vibrating motor. For 50 years Uras has been continuously upgrading its vibrating motors so that the harmful effects of vibration are minimized and the motors' service life is extended.