Level Sensor

This state of the art radar level sensor, supplied by ITO Thailand, is designed to measure all kinds of power, particle and bulk solids as well as liquids, sludge and slurry.

What Is It Used For

This radar level sensor can continuously monitor (measure) materials (solids or liquid) stored in silos, hoppers, tanks etc.

The level sensor has a compact design and uses a higher frequency which can measure levels more accurately.

Misc Info


     •  Radar level transmitter with 26Ghz band microwave technology providing stable measurement for liquid, slurry sludge foaming waving, etc.

     •  Widely applicable for water & sewage works, river, reservoir, factory, waste, sludge etc.

     •  Easy to setup with only 4 parameters on a LCD unit.

     •  4 language selections - Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean.

     •  Compact & Lightweight

     •  Save wiring cost as 2-wire powered HART system

This radar level sensor is supplied to clients by ITO Thailand