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Uras Vibrating Motor

The Uras vibrating motor supplied by ITO Thailand is a powerful and reliable source of vibration that can be used for a variety of different applications including feeding, separating, and milling.

What Is It Used For

With 70% of the Japanese domestic market share, and over 900,000 units shipped worldwide, the Uras Vibrating Motor, available through ITO Thailand, is the world standard for rotary electric vibrators.

This powerful and reliable source of vibration can be used for a wide variety of applications. It can be used in practically every industry, for all types of powders and granular materials, the Uras Vibrating Motor is reliable even in harsh environments such as the desert or at sea.

In addition to the versatile Standard Series, the High Frequency Series, Flange-Type Series, and Single-Phase Series all of which are available in a large range of sizes from ITO Thailand. 

Uras has an extensive lineup of over 100 models to choose from. The Uras Vibrating Motor is designed to meet the requirements of any of your applications.

*CE marking and CSA certification are also available as options*

Misc Info

     1. Innovative anti-vibration construction allows for easy maintenance and provides a long service life.

     2. Small models don't require periodic greasing.

     3. Range of 2 to 8 pole models supports a wide variety of needs.

     4. Entire lineup is suitable for all weather conditions.

     5. Compact design supports horizontal, diagonal, and vertical installation.