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Torch Cleaning Robot

The torch cleaning robot supplied by ITO Thailand is a very cost effective solution and is suitable for any factory that has welding robots as part of their production line

What Is It Used For

ITO Thailand now has a very good solution for down-time issues for clients who use welding robots on their production line. This torch cleaning robot can reduce the welding robots' downtime and extend the live of its nozzle neck.

1. Torch cleaning robot is compatible with any brand of welding robot
2. Simple and easy to install and requires little maintenance
3. Ideally suited for welding robots that give off heavy spatter

Misc Info


1. Cleaning Station
     •  An effective cleaning solution for almost all robot welding torches.
     •  3-point clamping ensures the torch stays in place during cleaning.

2. Spraying unit "TMS-VI"
     •  Precision spraying of anti-spatter fluid, cleans effectively and extends servicing intervals
     •  Very environmentally friendly
     •  Easy to dispose of residual oil waste and refill the anti-spatter agent

3. Wire cutting fixture
     •  The combined clamping and shearing action guarantees precise cutting quality and ensures optimum arc-start properties as well as exact TCP measurement.
     •  Sturdy design.