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Torming Vacuum Cleaner

The torming vacuum cleaner offered by ITO Thailand helps reduce contamination from employees' clothes including dust and hair and it is also more effective than using a gum roller

What Is It Used For

The high power turbo brush of the Torming Vacuum Cleaner will wash away dust or hair that has contaminated clothes. 

The ideal industry that can benefit from this machine is the food industry simply because, cleanliness is the most important factor for the grade of food products as zero contamination is acceptable. 

The Torming Vacuum Cleaner offered here by ITO Thailand is easy to use; just lift up the turbo brush and the machine will automatically start to work. It also has a power setting mode that can easily be adjusted. 

Misc Info

1) Powerful piece of equipment capable of sucking hair and dust off clothes

2) Adjustable power modes

3) Ease of use

4) Energy saving

5) Supplied by ITO Thailand