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Picking Robot

ITO Thailand supplies Yaskawa Motoman picking robots which are automated transfer systems for the picking and packing processes in a factory, ideally suited for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries among other.

What Is It Used For

The Yaskawa Motoman series of picking robots can be installed in close proximity in a small space. As the best in their class, they also enable high-speed handling with a large motion range and improved productivity.

The Yaskawa Motoman MPP series of picking robots are designed to maintain high level of cleanliness for food handling.

Wiring and piping work can be easily performed through the hollow section (80 mm dia.) located at the center of the body.

Flexible and high-speed handling is maximized through combined use of a double conveyor synchronization function, vision function, and production management function.

Misc Info

Major points for installing a Yaskawa Motoman Picking Robot

     -  High productivity

     -  Large motion range with a small installation space

     -  High level of cleanliness

     -  Space-saving installation

     -  150 cpm with a 3 kg load and 230 cpm with a 1 kg load are possible

     -  Ball joints are free of grease because self-lubricating material
approved by the Food Sanitation Law of Japan is used.

     -  Because they can be mounted on ceilings and maintenance is done from the top downwards, damage or contamination of work-pieces and conveyors is prevented if a work tool, part, or grease falls during maintenance.

     -  The surface of the body, excluding arms, is smooth and easy to clean.

     -  Can be washed with acid- or alkaline-based disinfectant.
Clean Class: ISO class 5

The Yaskawa Motoman MPP series of picking robots are supplied by ITO Thailand who can also help you engineer your entire assembly or production line