Robots and Robotic Automation

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A food manufacturer consider of using robots and robotic automation in their factory but they lacked know how. ITO Thailand provided them with the know how and the plan to execute their project.

Client's Need's

  1. Shipping work was hard labor because the filled cardboard boxes were heavy
  2. Wanted to entrust simple, repetitive job to robots
  3. Unable to work for long hours

ITO's Proposal - Robots and Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation - Palletizing Robots

  • ITO Thailand determined where the robots would be most effective
  • ITO Thailand assisted the robotic automation process with programming and teaching
  • The work environment improved by reducing heavy labor
  • Improved the rate of operation by solving a shortage of manpower with robots

Client's Voice

  • They thoroughly inspected our manufacturing floor and proposed a compact layout for us
  • Their simulation of the layout before we implemented it gave us great peace of mind
  • We learned a lot about robotic automation

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