Clean Rooms and Washing Apparatus

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ITO Corporation offered a proposal to a food manufacturer urgently looking to improve their factory sanitation and safety of their food. We recommended to install clean rooms and washing apparatus.

Client's Need's

  1. Implement an environment that satisfies ISO compliance for food safety
  2. Upgrade washing equipment and place the production line into clean rooms
  3. Washing equipment should match the speed of the existing line
  4. Ideally hoping to simultaneously reduce energy consumption

ITO's Proposal - Clean Rooms and Washing Apparatus

Unified Implementation of Clean Rooms and Washing Apparatus

  • Flow leading up to implementation:
    1. Factory inspection, design creation
    2. Discussing & settling upon the scope of construction
    3. Confirmation of construction schedule
    4. Confirmation of clean room and washing apparatus functionality
    5. Installation & test run
  • By implementing LED lighting, we also made reduced energy consumption possible

Client's Voice

  • ITO Thailand was the only company offering to undertake the washing apparatus and clean rooms together
  • Fast and Flexible solutions to serve all needs

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