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Welding requires precision, and for that reason alone, many believe it should be done by welders. But welding poses certain health risks to welders and surrounding employees. ITO Thailand produced a robotic welding booth with fume protection to automate the process, get better precision and eliminate the health risk.

Client's Needs

  1. Automation of welding line.
  2. To get rid of *Welding Fumes from the factory and improve the working environment

*Welding fumes can cause lung disease with an increased risk of asthma and cancer
(Reference data: The Health and Safety Executive:

ITO's Proposal - Robotic Welding Booth with Fume Protection

ITO Thailand recommended installing a Robotic Welding Booth with Fume Protection!

  • Welding booth separates humans from the welding area
  • Doing so reduces employees' health risk

ITO THailand - Robotic Welding Booth

(Looking through Acrylic panels of the robotic welding booth)

Booth Description

Material: Made from grade SS400 steel, a very strong compond and of very good quality, ideal for the welding booth's structure.

robotic welding booth view1

Acrylic Panels and Curtains: Completely see-through yet, eyes are protected from welding light and spatter

Side view of the booth

Blower: to remove welding fumes. The system can also be connected to your factory's ventilation facility to take the fumes outside of the building.

View of Fume Protection

Client's Voice

The Robotic Welding Booth with Fume Protection was made-to-order and customized as per our requirements.
It is also re-movable, in the event we would like to change our factory layout, it can be moved with ease.
It can also be set up for manufacturing factories that already have automation systems installed.
Thanks to ITO Thailand for a great idea

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