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Why investing in solar cell system here are advantages of installing solar cell system in Thailand

Client’s Needs
Company A was considering to install Solar Cell System in their factory. However, they were not sure whether installing Solar Cell System is cost effective or not...

ITO's Proposal ~Advantages of installing Solar Cell System in Thailand
In Thailand, the government offers several benefits to support income and import TAX fee for companies those who install Solar Cell System!

Also, in the tropical region like Thailand, it is suitable to use “Polycrystal Cell” for solar system, since the price of  Polycrystal Cell is reasonable than other materials.

Additional  benefits

• Able to reduce air pollution &GHG

• Able to save electricity fee(insult heat, keep the building cool)

• Sustainable & renewable energy

• Zero CO2 emission (carbon dioxide)

• No noise  

• Easy operation & maintenance

• Able to use in case of emergency such as power outage

• All materials are recyclable

• Able to reduce the length of wiring (=prevention of electricity loss)


Product Description

・We will  customize solar cell system according to your needs!

solar cell system

  For your inquiry, please contact to ITO THAILAND

We are happy to provide you the best solution!

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