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Work Stocker Helps Reduce Defective Work Pieces supplied by ITO Thailand Plus Logo - ITO Corporation

The Work Stocker ensures that damage on work pieces is kept to a minimum and is designed to reduce defective rates to almost zero. Ideally suited for CNC machines and Lathe machines amoung others

Work Stocker prevents dents and impressions on work pieces resulting from dropping and colliding.

This machine can protect your valuable work pieces, greatly reduce defective rate and improve productivity.

Client’s Needs

When the work pieces are coming from the machine, they crash each other, causing scratches, resulting in defective appearance

ITO's Proposal –Work Stocker

ITO (Thailand) has a great solution to solve your problem!!

WORK STOCKER is the solution to reduce defective and damage to almost zero on your work pieces

Client's Voice

  • Increased finished products quality. Improved our customer’s trust and reliability!
  • The settings are not complicated
  • Reasonable price

Brief Outline of The Product             

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